Brazilians Bruno Gusman and Marcela Martins da Costa have been married for two years and have waited until now to have their honeymoon.  And the wait was worth it, as they have a two-week trip across the United States planned, with a stop in Chicago to see the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.

The couple will be in Chicago for one week, and as they planned the trip, they realized that Thanksgiving falls during their stay.  Once they realized Chicago has a Thanksgiving Parade, they were in.  “We didn’t think twice.  We wanted to join the party!” stated Marcela. “We looked for videos on YouTube and loved it. We saw the people on TV and asked ourselves how we could sit in the TV Zone.” They came across our VIP Area and became Individual Sponsors.

“We know Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for all Americans,” added Marcela, “so we decide to join this event to experience a little bit of this wonderful culture.”

Bruno is a big fan of American bands and American sports. Favorite band? Kiss. Favorite sports teams? Giants (football), Knicks, Rangers, and Yankees.

Marcela continues,” His teams suck right now! While in Chicago, we are going to see the Giants at the Bears, and the Trailblazers at the Bulls. I learned the rules of American sports, and I love sports too, so it was easy for him to convince me to spend our honeymoon vacations in Chicago and LA (where we will see some games as well.)”

Besides the games and the parade, they are planning to see Jason Mraz at the Chicago Theatre, check out other Chicago tourist attractions, parks, sports bars, and more.

We are truly thankful that these two are part of their honeymoon with us this Thanksgiving!

And, if you are interested in spending your Thanksgiving morning with us as well, head down to State Street in downtown Chicago on Thursday, November 28, between at 8:00 a.m.  You can also become an Individual Sponsor and sit in the TV Zone. Find out more at