The Black Ensemble Theater has been entertaining audiences for over 43 years and has been a beloved performance group in the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade since 2013.

At this year’s Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, the Black Ensemble Theater will be performing a selection from their hit show, “The Other Cinderella.”

People of all colors, kinds, and ages have taken in this African-American rendition of this fairy tale. In “The Other Cinderella,” Cinderella is from the projects, Stepmomma works at the post office, and The Fairygodmama is from Jamaica.

The music is divine, and the dancing is uplifting, positive, and infectious. You can see this number from the show live during the first hour of the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.

The best place to watch the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade and see the performance by Black Ensemble Theatre is the VIP Area! Become an Individual Sponsor of the parade and watch the parade from the TV Zone. For more information, please visit

The Chicago Thanksgiving Parade will be televised live on WGN 9 on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 28 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am CT. The parade will also be streamed via WGN’s web site as well.

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