He’s worked on the tarmac at O’Hare Airport, as well as the grounds crew at Wrigley Field.  He’s a business IT consultant, musician, and actor.  He’s part of the core team at Chicago Med and is John Cusack’s stand-in for the upcoming series Utopia.

John has done a bit of it all here in the City of Chicago.  And, he’s back volunteering for his 15th Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.

“The Parade has been as much a part of my Thanksgivings as stuffing and canned cranberry sauce,” stated John.  “And thanks to the Parade’s small but dedicated staff, the Parade and even the meetings leading up to the parade are something I always look forward to.”

John is currently the Volunteer Chairperson for the Balloon Committee.  You might have seen him in media interviews for the Parade, and surely, you will see him in balloon staging every Thanksgiving morning.

John coordinating the balloon team, adorning an awesome turkey hat.
John coordinating the balloon team, adorning an awesome turkey hat.

John adds, “My favorite balloon over all of the years has been Spongebob Squarepants. The coolest thing about having Spongebob in the Parade is that the footage was used in the movie, The Weatherman.”

Why should someone volunteer to be a balloon handler in the Parade?  John says, “Balloons are the stars of the show! You get to be part of the movement of the Parade by BEING the movement of the Parade.”

If you’re moved to apply to be a volunteer for the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, visit https://www.chicagothanksgivingparade.com/volunteer-positions-2019/.  Anyone aged 12 or older can volunteer, and those 18 or older can volunteer to be a balloon handler.  Join the parade family and apply today!