Jerome’s volunteer story goes back to 1998, when the parade was known as the Field’s Jingle Elf Parade.  Harris Bank was a sponsor, and Jerome’s wife Precious worked there.  The bank provided many employees to the parade, and Precious convinced Jerome to volunteer as well.

“We dressed as elves, and I was all in green,” stated Jerome.  “It was very funny for me, I was the only big elf.”

Twenty-two parades later, Jerome and Precious Lee are still continuing the tradition of volunteering for their parade.  Their children have also volunteered, making this a family affair.  And, they’ve volunteered in several different positions during their tenure.  Currently, Jerome is a member of the parade’s leadership board and assists with security during the parade.  Precious assists in our Green Room.

Why does Jerome keep coming back?

“It’s always nice to see some of the people I have met over the years.  It’s like an extended family where you go to their house every year during Thanksgiving,” stated Jerome.  “Also, it is truly amazing to see thousands of people line up along State Street.  I feel like I’ve truly contributed to this parade, I know I helped do this.”

You can volunteer and truly make a difference in the 2019 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.  Apply to become a volunteer in a number of different positions by visiting