The story starts with Robin, mother of Madeline. Robin grew up in the Chicago neighborhood of Mayfair (just west of the 90/94 split). Later, her parents moved to Florida.

In the 1980’s, Robin met her future husband, a native Norwegian. The couple married, and decided to move to Norway and start a family. “Norway is every bit as beautiful as it is in pictures, and the people are so kind,” stated Robin.

Madeline was born in Haugesund, Norway. “You could say it’s a pretty windy city as well,” added Robin. Madeline started university and at the same time, worked for a Scandinavian event company, JCP Nordic. After graduating, she was offered the position of Full-Time Event Manager. “It’s her dream job,” noted Robin.

There are numerous festivals, fairs, marathons, concerts and charity events happening non-stop in Oslo. “As her mom, I think it’s fun to see her work at an event where she’s hooked up to multiple phones and radios,  multitasking every moment of the event. It’s exhausting!” stated Robin, “The work that goes on behind the scenes so that those attending an event can just relax and have a great time for one day is overwhelming.”

Robin will be in Chicago for the Radiological Society North America conference, and she’s bringing Madeline to see her home town. “I mentioned to Madeline that we should volunteer, and before I knew it, she volunteered and suggested that I do the same.”

Robin continues, “I’m lucky to have an adult daughter that enjoys doing things with her mom and enjoys helping others. What better way to spend Thanksgiving morning than volunteering with the people of Chicago, giving thanks for all that we have, and spending time doing something fun like helping out at the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.”

What does the duo be doing after the Parade? “We have planned Thanksgiving dinner together at Palmer House. I’m looking forward to all the good food in Chicago, and I’m sure we’ll find time for shopping and a show or two.”

You and your family can make a volunteering a family affair at this year’s Chicago Thanksgiving Parade. Anyone 12 years of age and older can apply for one of many positions at