Whenever you hear a cheer rise from the heart of Chicago, chances are it’s the incredible Chicago Spirit Brigade, spreading joy, cheer, and, most importantly, hope to the community.

Dance, Drill, and Charity – A Unique Combination

Born from the passion of just four pioneering individuals, the Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) now boasts a vibrant troupe of over 35 volunteer performers, ranging in age from 21 to 50+. These performers come from all walks of life, representing the rich tapestry that is America.

Their purpose? To raise both money and awareness for non-profit organizations that directly assist those living with life-altering challenges. They do this through breathtaking performances, fusing dance, drill, and cheer into an entertaining package that’s hard to resist. Over the past 20 years, CSB, a proud 501(c)3 non-profit, has raised more than $100,000, assisting over 30 Chicagoland and regional non-profits. Their dedication to giving is evident – every penny collected at their performances goes directly to the chosen beneficiary, with CSB retaining nothing.

Cheer for a Cause

A distinctive feature of CSB is their red “Spirit Buckets.” At the end of each riveting performance, these buckets are passed through the crowds, collecting donations. True to their spirit of giving, every dollar collected is directly handed to the designated beneficiary for that event. CSB’s generosity doesn’t end there. They boost the collected amount with a 25% match from their ‘Spread the Cheer fund’, effectively donating 125% of the collected sum.

Making an Impact in the LGBTQ Community and Beyond

CSB’s influence goes beyond general community work. As a part of the Pride cheer association, they specifically focus on supporting individuals with life-challenging conditions within the LGBTQ community.

Join the Cheer Revolution

Were you ever a cheerleader, or perhaps dreamt of becoming one? The Chicago Spirit Brigade offers you that chance, holding open auditions for enthusiastic individuals to join their ranks. As an all-volunteer adult cheerleading, dance, and drill team, CSB is renowned for their performances at key events like Andersonville Midsommarfest and the Chicago Pride Parade. Every performance is not just an act, but a fundraising opportunity for a noble cause.

In Conclusion: Embrace the Spirit

The Chicago Spirit Brigade believes that life’s moments, big or small, are meant for celebration. With a mission rooted in compassion and a performance bursting with energy, they ensure that every dance, cheer, and twirl amplifies their core message of unity, support, and giving back.

So, if you find yourself in the Windy City, especially during events like the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, keep your eyes peeled for the electrifying performances of CSB. And remember, behind those energetic moves lies a heart that beats for charity.

Join Them in Making a Difference

Catch them live in action and witness firsthand the magic they bring to the streets of Chicago. For those inspired by their message and wanting to know more, delve deeper into their journey by visiting https://www.chicagospiritbrigade.org/.

Together, let’s “Spread the Cheer” with the Chicago Spirit Brigade, especially during this year’s Chicago Thanksgiving Parade!