Frost Williams has attended the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade over a dozen times and consistently supports the Parade as an Individual Sponsor.

“Watching from the VIP area is great fun. I’ve attended with extended family and friends, and we just enjoy the whole VIP Experience,” stated Frost.

Individual sponsors get to enjoy the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade from the TV Zone, in our VIP area.  The VIP area has grandstand seating, portable washrooms with baby changing tables, hand-washing stations, and food & beverage items for purchase, provided by Corner Bakery Cafe.  The TV Zone is the only place to see acts that perform during the 8 am – 9 am hour of the Parade.

“The theatre acts always give a glimpse who is performing, or who is coming soon to perform, at local Chicago theaters.”

It’s not just the performance acts that excite the Williams family.

“Our family loves hearing the marching bands playing up State Street. It brings lots of energy to the Parade.  We also love seeing the celebrities as well!” added Frost.

He concludes, “It’s become tradition, and it is early enough in the day not to conflict with Thanksgiving meals and football later in the day.”

You can become an Individual Sponsor today, which allows you to join Frost and his family as they watch the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade from the VIP Zone. To become an Individual Sponsor, visit Please note that VIP Zone access is will sell out quickly, so sign up today.

Photo Credits:

  • Photo with Teddy Turkey – Frost Williams. Frost is in the light blue/dark blue sweater with “FROST” written on it.