by avery r young

to fix u a plate
of cornish hen
& dressin
wif two slice(es)
of cranberry sauce
on top
of a gravy
dat be a brown
of yo likin
& other food(s)
dat make u feel like
each mouf-full
fill(s) u up
wif dat yung luv

i’ve decide(d)
yo chair will be nex(t) to mine
amongst a table of folk
who share our face(is)
& surname

& i’ve decide(id)
to save room fo(r) sweet
potato pie

i’ve decide(id)
i will wear an essential oil
one wif wood
or africa in it
s name

den imagine
my arm(s) pullin u close(r)
so dat u
can smell de same

den dis day’s dinner
can be mo(re) moment
den memorial

den dis day’s dinner
can be
a beautiful memory
far remove(d)
from any massacre
abroad &/or domestic

i’ve decide(id)
dis day’s dinner
will be mo(re) grace
den sadness

dis day’s dinner
mo(re) madonna-lily
den stone